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Lafayette Mardi Gras

The Bead Truck
Why?  What could be better than spending time on a creative and colorful project which involves the entire family (as well as neighbors) and brings smiles to the faces of so many people?

Shimmering Beads on a Truck

The World Famous Bead Truck Will, Once Again, Appear at Mardi Gras in Lafayette!

Special Thanks for Donating Beads and Support: Ella (total commitment to the project and concern for trucky), Leona (lap sitting, bead selection, love of the hot glue gun), Dawn (who else would let me do this?) Lin McNeil (beads and encouragement), Celia (color coordination and bead selection), Tim (moral support, beading, and test driving), Lance (supportive comments), George and Andy Conover (beads, mechanical assistance, engineering consultation, and beads), the Dugas Family (beads and moral support), The Kaisers (beads), the Souters (beads).

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